About Brs Academy

At BRS ACADEMY, we are committed to providing high quality services to our customers and strive to continually improve our service provision.
Focus is on:
Building a mutually profitable relationship with our customers ensuring their long-term success
Adopting a bespoke approach to satisfy customer needs
Achieving our commitment to quality, cost & schedule
Ensuring customer satisfaction in everything that we do
Preparing to fulfill our all respected customers
The service that we provide is guided by our customer values, which are:
Embedded cultural values : Loyalty, Integrity, Openness & Honesty
We operate in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with stakeholders, focusing on professionalism, customer service excellence and adding value
We help our customers to define their requirements, and work together to identify solutions
We are responsive & flexible in meeting our customers' needs.
Client Feedback:
In order to measure our performance against our objectives & values, we seek regular feedback from clients & key stakeholders.
We will gather this information and utilize the feedback to continually review & improve our levels of client satisfaction and the services that we provide.
Customer Complaint Procedure:
Whilst we aim to deliver excellent standards of service to all our customers, we also realise that at times you may be dissatisfied when something has not gone as well as expected. We welcome this opportunity to be able to address this and investigate the matter further.
As such:
We will acknowledge your complaint & investigate
We will respond to any complaint within 72 hours of receipt
If you feel that our staffs have not investigated your complaint properly, you can contact our Director, by email [email protected]

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